It is certainly not just you. Do you have a car payment, a credit card, a personal loan and some store account payments that are stressing you out? If so, then you’re normal.

The PROBLEM is that its normal for 94% of the population to work their whole lives and end up broke. It’s also normal that on average, hard-working South Africans pay away 76% of their salaries to debt each month.

The GOOD NEWS, is whilst 45% of people who start our courses report they are overwhelmed by their debt – within 60 days this number drastically reduces to only 13% of learners who complete their learning. (And we know how to help them too.)

And what really excites us is that 60% of people who spend more than they are earning when they start with us successfully put a stop to their overspending by the time they complete their online financial education with us.

The bottom line is that sorting out your finances will get your sleeping soundly again. Just listen to how it worked for so many of our learners.