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Worth is committed to offering you a financial education you can afford. We want to make our courses available to as many people as possible, at the lowest prices possible. This is why we partner with big companies and employers like yours.

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Speak to your employer about Worth. We will set up a pilot so you and others in your company can preview our courses before you start learning. We will happily contact your employer on your behalf if you contact us.

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We are proud to partner with Discovery Bank who empowers clients to become financially healthier through Vitality Money. Discovery Bank clients only pay R399 for access to our courses and are awarded 10,000 Vitality Money points when they complete.

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How do I get my 10,000 Vitality Money points?2023-06-30T13:08:59+00:00

If you’re a Discovery Bank client who buys access to the course through the app, you will be awarded 10,000 Vitality Money points within 48 hours of completing the course. You will have these 10,000 points for 12 months after your complete and will be awarded another 5,000 points for the following 12 months thereafter.

Why should I trust you guys to give me the best financial education?2018-11-13T09:36:33+00:00

Because we’re independent. That means we’re not trying to sell you anything other than a financial education. We also have a track record. We’ve been providing South African’s with financial education in various forms for many years and have educated just over 50,000 people to date. But perhaps most importantly – don’t take our word for it. Watch the stories of our Worth Warriors and then decide if you’re ready to change your financial future. What do you have to lose?

I’m not in a relationship. Can I still do Wealthy Couples™?2018-11-08T12:33:42+00:00

Of course! It really is a personal thing. Some people prefer video-based learning regardless of their relationship. Others prefer the more interactive style of learning that Wealthy Me™ offers. Also – when you’re next in a relationship you’ll have the skills you need to make sure that money is NOT one of the things you fight about 😉

I can’t decide whether to do the Wealthy Couples™ or Wealthy Me™ course. Please help me decide?2018-11-08T12:13:57+00:00

These courses are very similar in terms of the basic money management principles that they teach – those stay the same regardless of whether you’re managing your money on your own or within a relationship. What is different is how we’ve laid out the two courses. In Wealthy Me™ we’ve got a good mixture of text, short videos, and interactive exercises to walk you through the various topics.

Wealthy Couples™ on the other hand was designed for you to sit and watch longer-form videos, with your partner. So there’s less clicking through different sections, and more watching of video-based teaching – so you could fire it up on your web-enabled flatscreen and watch us instead of Game of Thrones if that’s your thing. Wealthy Couples also has an extra lesson called The Power of Partnership where we teach you how to talk about and manage money specifically within a relationship.

Do you offer any learner support? What if I have questions about what you’re going to teach me?2018-11-08T12:13:19+00:00

Of course! We’ve got a technical help desk that you can contact with any queries regarding logging on, your password etc. And then we’ve also got tutors on standby to answer any course-related queries you have too. We can tell you however that our courses are really easy to understand and follow so we don’t think you’re going to struggle.

I’d like to buy the course directly. How do I do that?2018-11-08T12:13:00+00:00

If you’re a Discovery Bank client, you can do so easily on their app or inside their banking platform. Just click here and follow the prompts to sign up and earn yourself some Vitality Money points for the effort. If you’re not a Discovery client then you’ll need to speak to your boss or HR head at work and request a Worth pilot for yourself and your colleagues. You can fill in this form here to tell us who we should contact on your behalf, or you can point the head honcho’s at work to this site and ask them to please give us a ring. Our pilot’s are quick and inexpensive and will offer your company the full Worth Corporate Training experience at no risk, whilst they evaluate whether they should roll out this benefit to everyone in your organisation.

I’m about to retire. Am I too old to do your course?2018-11-08T12:12:29+00:00

We’re hoping you’re planning to have a kick-ass retirement. Yes? Good. That means you’re probably intending on sticking around for a decade or two or three to enjoy it too. That’s a long time to spend managing a finite amount of money, don’t you think? Us too. Which is why we recommend that doing this course is valuable no matter what your age. Because the better you manage your money, the harder you’ll get it to work for you. Which means more cocktails around the pool. Or rounds of golf at the local – whatever it is you want to spend your retirement doing.

Is it just me? How many people are losing sleep at night about their money?2018-11-14T10:45:22+00:00

It is certainly not just you. Do you have a car payment, a credit card, a personal loan and some store account payments that are stressing you out? If so, then you’re normal.

The PROBLEM is that its normal for 94% of the population to work their whole lives and end up broke. It’s also normal that on average, hard-working South Africans pay away 76% of their salaries to debt each month.

The GOOD NEWS, is whilst 45% of people who start our courses report they are overwhelmed by their debt – within 60 days this number drastically reduces to only 13% of learners who complete their learning. (And we know how to help them too.)

And what really excites us is that 60% of people who spend more than they are earning when they start with us successfully put a stop to their overspending by the time they complete their online financial education with us.

The bottom line is that sorting out your finances will get your sleeping soundly again. Just listen to how it worked for so many of our learners.

How long have I got to do the course after I sign up?2018-11-08T12:11:55+00:00

The Wealthy Me™ course is 5 lessons long, and Wealthy Couples™ is 6 lessons long. Either way we give you 8 weeks, or just under 60 days, to do it in. Even though each lesson won’t take you much longer than an hour. The bottom line is that there is loads of time to complete the course when you sign up. You just need to get started and we promise you won’t want to stop until you’re done 😉

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